If you are getting started online, then Branding your Business is one of the important steps.

Branding your business correctly from the start is much better than consistent changes and catching up on unbranded pages and social media sites.


Images, Taglines, Logos and Descriptions.


Create a tagline that you can use on your blog, social profiles and images.

Write a short description about your company / your goals / yourself. (Use one or all)

Create or outsource on Fiverr a professional logo for your website/brand and ensure that all files are in editable PDF or PNG.

For personal branding create a PNG image of you that you can overlay onto any image you wish. Stand behind a solid colour wall, take a photo and remove the background. (can be outsourced)

Using Photoshop or Canva create all the branding images you need.

Create a Facebook Page Cover photo size: 1200 x 675 desktop This is the best flexible size. For Mobile, Width size is 640 x 360 so do not put important details like logos on the edge. Test on your mobile after uploading.


Branding for Social Media

  • Create A Facebook Group Cover Photo (1640px X 859px)
  • Create A Facebook Ad Template (1200px X 628px)
  • Create A Facebook Fan Page Profile Image (160px X 160px) (Use a large high quality image: Exampe 1600px X 1600px)
  • Create A Twitter Background (1500px X 500px)
  • Create A YouTube Background (2560px X 1440px)
  • Create A Google+ Background (1080px X 608px) (Your Facebook Fanpage Cover Should Work)

You can use sites like StockSnap.io to find suitable images for social media images. Overlay your logo and personal photo, add your tagline and you are done. If you would like a step by step video training guide and checklist on using Canva, see Canva checklists.

You can get all of the above steps in a checklist form in newbie marketers checklists.

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