Builderall helps entrepreneurs and businesses who want to quickly bring their ideas to life with the most complete digital online business builder and marketing platform on the web.

Following are the four key features of Builderall.

Tools and Dashboard

First thing let’s go and take a look at all the tools you have available in Builderall and how to access them.

First thing that you’ll see when you sign in to the builderall platform is the Dashboard. Here you have access to all the tools.


You can easily access the dashboard and select the category that you want, for instance, builders. All the builders available for you to build websites and sales funnels are accessible from the dashboard.

You can access the sales funnels just by clicking “access now” button and pick a template for the type of funnel you need. It has got all the different types of pages already built for you.

On the left-hand, you have a summary of all the things that you’ve built with a platform, for instance, websites, blogs, email lists, subscribers, even how much you’ve earned if you are a part of  builderall leveraged affiliate program and how many leads you have in that program.

You can also click the menu button and it expands the menu on the left hand side as well. which are the same basic navigation options as in dashboard. If you click the button again it will hide and then you have more space to work with.

If you want to build a website, You can choose drag and drop pixel-perfect and then if you have built websites, then you can click my sites and then see the ones that you already created or if you want to start one from scratch, just click the new website.

There are ton of different categories. You can go under internet marketing and you have the different types of pages.

Under local business, you can find entire funnels readily available for you to use. So if you want to just go ahead and select, let’s say fitness, you will see all the different types of templates in sales funnel that you can choose to work with.


Tutorials and the trainings


In order to access tutorials and trainings, you’ve got to scroll down all the way to where it says tutorial and training videos or you can click the button in the menu and then select tutorial or training videos and it will take you to the next page where you can select the video you want to see first.



If you select tutorials, then her you have all the tools tutorials, for instance, drag-and-drop site builder and If you want to learn pixel-perfect, It gives you all the different types of tutorials.



You can even search for additional things that you’re looking for. One very very cool feature that is available for you, so that you can easily begin implementing things is, you can just click on green button where it says QuickStart and it’s going to open up a window that you can watch the video and basically select different options so you can filter the videos that are available for you and then you can watch and begin implementing them.



Builderall has an awesome community of thousands of entrepreneurs that are spread all over the world and you get access to them.

To get access builderall private community all you have to do is just click Facebook Affiliate and it will take you to our private Facebook group that you can request to join and someone on the team is going to let you in. There are over 25,000 people in this group that you can connect with. You can ask questions and you can brainstorm about something that you can implement that in your business.


Awesome support team ready to help you in case you need it.

It’s extremely important to builderall team that you have awesome experience with the Builderall platform and in case you hit a roadblock or you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always reach out to builderall support team and they are there to help.



lf you want to get in touch with builderall support team you can just click on supports, It will open a new tab and it will ask you what is your issue related to. You can ask or answer a few questions by clicking and it’s will give you additional options that’s going to take you to either a tutorial video or maybe get in touch with one of their support team members.


I hope you enjoyed this article. Start with a 7 days Builderall free trial, go ahead and start putting things into practice and start building amazing business websites and marketing funnels.

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