With 3X Your List, supercharging your profits is set-and-forget simple.

3X Your List Review – What is it?

3X Your List is all about successfully and repeatedly selling premier quality high ticket offers to your subscribers and keeping them fiercely loyal to you at the same time. You
can’t do that with the standard emailing methods that masses of marketers are failing with right now.

3X Your List is NOT about

As per Pete’s experience, people are on social media to chat with friends and watch videos. NOT to be sold to!

Instead, Pete recommends that you focus solely on email marketing. That’s because Return on investment for email marketing is four times higher than social media marketing, direct mail or paid search. The average ROI is 122%. Get this right and you can’t help but make money with email marketing. There are 3.7 billion global email users right now. By 2023 there will be over 4.1 billion users. That’s a massive audience to market to!

But there’s a catch. Making money with old school emailing isn’t working like it used to. Your audience is now overwhelmed with dozens of messages a day. Most of them are on cell phones. That means you’re competing with clutter from texting, phone calls and adverts.

The solution? To make online selling pay, do it the 3X way!
3X Your List Works Like Gangbusters With

Affiliate Marketing
MLM Marketing
Your Own Products
CPA Offers
Solo Ad Selling
and much more.

You want to keep your subscribers clicking, and buying from you too — even if they want to leave! So how do you do that?
Simple. Pete will show you how to ethically force your buyers to stay — The Legal Way! With “OPT-IN BOOMERANG”

The magic happens when you upload Pete’s one-size-fits-all template to your own list building autoresponder. This miracle method transforms luke-warm leads into raving ready-to-buy fans.

For Pete, out of 2,683 leads who ‘thought’ that they wanted to leave, 1,353 were happy to resubscribe all over again after seeing Opt-In Boomerang! Opt-In Boomerang is currently available only with the 3X Your List system.

3X Your List – Features

Here’s What You Get Inside…

Step-By-Step Video Training and PDF guides.

Personal experience

I have gone through the training course and Pete has nicely explained in details the process.

I highly recommend this course, especially for email marketing.

3X Your List Review – Sales Funnel and Pricing

Frontend – $9.77

Special BONUS : 18 Step-by-Step Newbie Marketer Checklists

18 step by step newbie marketing checklists covering topics like.

  • Website & Domain Setup
  • Business Branding Setup
  • WordPress Setup
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • Landing Page Setup
  • Thank you Page Setup
  • Tracking Setup
  • Social Media Setup
  • Email Followups
  • Messenger Chat
  • Affiliate Network Setup
  • Video Hosting Setup
  • Content Creation Setup
  • Advertising Accounts
  • Retargeting Setup
    Plus More.

3X Your List – Conclusion

Still not convinced that 3X Your List will turbocharge your Internet Marketing business?

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